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Male Enlightenment

Addressing the Multifaceted Problem of Male Stagnation involves recognizing the perceived stagnancy in the evolution of men’s roles, expectations, and overall well-being within the community. A significant contributor to this issue is the limited access to supportive networks and resources dedicated to enhancing men’s emotional well-being and personal development. The rapid transformations in societal dynamics, marked by shifts in gender roles and expectations, can generate uncertainty and a sense of stagnation for certain men who find themselves disconnected from the ever-evolving societal norms. Additionally, cultural pressures stemming from expectations tied to familial provision, career success, and leadership roles exert constraints, hindering men from exploring alternative lifestyles and achieving personal fulfillment. Tackling the multifaceted nature of male stagnation necessitates a comprehensive approach that addresses these interconnected challenges.

Addressing male stagnation requires a multifaceted approach centered on transformative solutions. Redefining masculinity is crucial; challenging detrimental stereotypes and societal expectations can be achieved by championing positive, inclusive narratives that encompass a diverse spectrum of expressions and behaviors, emphasizing values such as care, equality, and recognizing the importance of every individual. Furthermore, the implementation of mentorship programs and the provision of positive male role models play a pivotal role. These initiatives inspire, demonstrate, and guide young men, offering essential support and guidance in navigating societal expectations. Establishing robust support networks, including men’s groups and peer support initiatives, provides a platform for men to share experiences, seek guidance, and foster meaningful social connections. By adopting these measures, we can actively contribute to dismantling the barriers contributing to male stagnation and fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for men’s holistic well-being.

The Truth

The Truth of My Sacred Royal Birth

I was given the name Kevin Wilkinson, May 29, 1956. My mother was living in the deep poverty pocket of Detroit, Michigan and she reared me in one of the most horrific times in American history. Rage, violence, murder, riots and assassinations of some of the most powerful leaders in America were all too common. Although these horrific acts impacted my life and I was surrounded by negative influence at every turn, I completed high school and college, both of which helped me escape prison, poverty and powerlessness.

During my young adult years, I was one of the top athletes in the nation to win a professional football contract. Yet, without proper focus, direction, guidance and a personal plan designed for my life, I was only able to maintain a job earning a modest living, and imitate a life plan modeled by my mother and grandparents.

I was introduced to Future America Basic Research Institute which ultimately led me to discover the root problem to my condition in life and I learned how to release that conditioning to enjoy the benefits of the Freedom Remedy. As a result of this exposure, I decided to live the truth of my Sacred Royal Birth and bury the lie forever, thereby taking a free name reflecting a new life, new birth and way of being human: Chisulo Akono Ajanaku, (an illuminated light to freedom) to maximize my highest human potential.

The Sacred Royal Birth

Human fertilization

A Long Walk To Freedom_FINAL w remedy

My Why & Future

Why am I doing What I am doing?  I want to take the truth of humanity to clean up the past.  And enlighten and empower people as my purpose for life and my legacy.

What do I mean by clean up?  I don’t want anyone growing up thinking they are hated and unwanted as I did because of the color of their skin or because of a minor difference from another or have the thought about themselves as less than because their ancestors are a dark color from Africa.

I want everyone to know the truth and to live the truth; there is one race  the human race and we’re all sacred, excellent, the most excellent species on Earth, and the greatest problem solvers. We are all essentially equal in every significant way.

I want to push the above agenda here in the City of College Park, the state of Georgia, and the United States. Also, promote that people rear all children to know the truth of the oneness of humanity and the essential & creative possibilities of unity of the human race in America. Regardless of skin color, ancestor’s birth, culture, tribe, nationality, and government.

Social Services Entrepreneur

In 1995 I established and incorporated Uplifting People, Inc., a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that strategically implemented crime prevention programs designed to address issues and obstacles concerning the re-entry of released offenders into the community. Resigned leadership of Uplifting People in 2007. It continues to serve Douglas County, Georgia citizens.

Today & Beyond

I am now taking action to develop the Beloved Community Model, Freedom Initiative, the Freedom Remedy, and Demonstrate Reverence for Humanity. These social initiatives are to empower people to be the catalyst for change for community unity, community improvement, community maintenance, and community wealth-building.

A Long Walk To Freedom_FINAL w remedy (pdf)


Awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Social Phenomenal Research from Greater Works Biblical College of Divinity and Social Phenomenal Research (FABRI), located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Awarded a Master of Divinity degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Interdenominational Theological Center, also in Atlanta, Georgia, and Awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University, which is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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Chisulo A. Ajanaku

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