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Empowering women!

Several barriers impede the progress of women in various aspects. Gender bias, rooted in deep-seated societal attitudes and stereotypes, often results in prejudices against women, impacting their opportunities for leadership and influencing perceptions of their capabilities. Additionally, societal expectations, shaped by traditional gender roles, constrain women’s freedom to explore diverse career paths and assume leadership roles. These obstacles collectively contribute to a challenging environment for women seeking to advance and break through societal norms.

A viable solution to address the barriers hindering women’s progress involves empowerment through support and collaboration. By actively encouraging and assisting women in pursuing their goals and passion endeavors, a conducive environment can be created. This empowerment includes providing access to essential resources, funding, and networks that can contribute to economic achievements. By fostering a supportive ecosystem, women can overcome challenges, break through barriers, and work towards realizing their full potential in various spheres of life.



To assure the change in thinking, belief and behavior of the male so that he becomes a “Star” in her life that is empowering and supportive. Furthermore, he does what needs to be done for her as a priority. So that she reaches her goals in the social relationship, home and workplace.

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Sisterhood Administration & Purpose

1. It is a group of people who have unified and accepted responsibility for improving the future of all females and children. The people do this by any of the following: joining the Love of Humanity Movement, Membership in UAFAH, entering the Human Culture Community, financially supporting, promoting, learning, and employing the teaching of the Science of Humaculture and the Freedom Remedy.


2. A group of people united in teaching and modeling the concepts “Sisterhood is the Key” and Freedom Remedy.

3. And a group providing a man what he needs for his behavioral change and growth and development. So that he can realign his social behavior to give her goals a high priority in his life. This includes demonstrating in his everyday behavior employing the Freedom Remedy and the idea of “Sisterhood is the Key” to become a Community model and agent for change in the home & community.

The purpose of the Sisterhood Administration:

To assure the change in thinking, belief, and behavior so that it is supportive and aligned with how the Chief Sisters in Charge and the Sisterhood Courts desire it. And to assure the change in thinking, belief, and behavior of the male so that he becomes a “Star” in her life that is empowering and supportive. Furthermore, he does what needs to be done for her as a priority. So that she reaches her goals in the social relationship, home, or workplace.


Too Dark

My skin was “too dark” for my profession, so I changed the story | Esie Mensah | TEDxToronto

Racial Healing

Brave Voices Speaking: Sally Ulrey

Racial Healing

Brave Voices Speaking: Dr. Catherine Meeks

Sisterhood Key Court

A group of females & males who develops the vision of a Human Culture Neighborhood. Teach, encourage & promotes the foundational characteristic of the neighborhood so that all people realize their highest human potential.

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The Sisterhood of Women

The Sisterhood of Women is more than one female that supports females as the “Key” to family administration; and who have applied Freedom Remedy beliefs and are instilling in their children a conscious understanding of human excellences, racial equality, reverence for humanity-especially for women; thereby nurturing children to know their human capacities and potential to become an innovator, wealth creator, great problem solver and change agent in their home, community, and city.

Choosing the Sisterhood and the Freedom Remedy


See what makes the Sacred Royal Birth possible! For a
greater awareness of Who you are.


Sacred Consorting Relationship
Sisters establishing a more viable relationship



Your support and contributions will enable us to teach, promote and activate people to get involved in Unity of Humanity. Also, it will help people to apply the Freedom Remedy to achieve the organization’s mission.

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