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How America Invented Race: The History Of White People In

WORLD Channel, in partnership with PBS’ Independent Lens, presents a new animated musical series about America’s reckoning with race and injustice. The History Of White People In America takes the audience on a journey through American history, starting in the 17th century, and in particular looks at how the crafting of the idea of the white race — of whiteness — helped shape the nation’s history, designating other groups for subjugation and having wide-ranging ramifications on social class and

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The Principal-Agent, Dr. Chisulo Akono Ajanaku, of United Action for the Advancement of Humanity has the expertise, vision, passion, information to encourage and empower people to take action to Unify as one race, the Human Race. He has a solution to be taught, learned, implemented, duplicated, and distributed by people.

What is required to be a Foundational Member? An individual who will give support to the principal-agent and agrees to make use of their talents, skills, and passion to achieve the mission and UAFAH, Inc.

Individuals that are interested in becoming a Foundational member will complete a membership form to support the UAFAH mission. And to participate, when available, in the development of the administration, resource procurement, and programs, of UAFAH, Inc.

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To request member form or have questions, Contact Dr. Chisulo A. Ajanaku by email [email protected]

Freedom Initiative & Freedom Remedy

The Freedom Initiative {Genesis by Dr. Nkosi Ajanaku, Esquire, founder of Future America Basic Research Institute and creator of the Psycho-Social Science of Humaculture } is a comprehensive approach to promoting, recruiting, teaching, and demonstrating to youth, adults and soon to be released prisoners; the Freedom Remedy. Selected learners will become the primary catalyst to model the Freedom Remedy whereby they take action for unity, community maintenance, community improvement, and community wealth-building in a neighborhood.​

The Freedom Remedy is the method for examining and releasing three hindrances to human evolution 1. Deeply internalized race beliefs,
2. Gender stereotyping, 3. Learned socialize trends Through Examining and eradicating these three social hindrances give rise to the need for the individual to install new knowledge, information and beliefs, socially and psychologically. The next step in this process is to assist the individual in understanding and acting on the sacredness and royalty of one’s humanity as a free, responsible, and innately equal human being, while subject to the process of past social institutional construct. To go onto uniting with the whole of humanity and one race of people; Human!

Dr. Nkosi findings (PDF)

Called to it!

What I want to know is this: Are you called to a solution? Are you open to a solution to racism? Are you looking for solutions to social problems in our community? Do you want to grow your life? Do you feel like there’s something more to your life?

The Science Of Humaculture & The FREEDOM Remedy

The Psycho-Social Science of Humaculture is a Science of the Homo Sapiens in America, how the institution of Slavery had it’s effect on the Homo Sapiens in the past culture we live in, and on the Homo Sapiens living in the present day culture of America.

Black Ethnicity: “Black” or “African American?”… Neither

Throughout American history, this group has been called so many labels: Negro, black, colored, African-American (and countless more). Why? What is the true identity of those claiming to be of black ethnicity? Check out this great video.

Jane Elliott on Her “Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise

Teacher and diversity trainer Jane Elliott talks about her “Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise,” the construct of race and what everyone can do in the fight against racism. Check out this great video.

Akala | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

African history did not begin and end with slavery. I consider myself to be educated and read widely but today I have learnt more in listening to Akala than I have in my 57 years. Check out this great video.

Systemic Racism Explained

Systemic racism affects every area of life in the US. From incarceration rates to predatory loans, and trying to solve these problems requires changes in major parts of our system. Here’s a closer look at what systemic racism is, and how we can solve it.

The Biology of Skin Color- Bio-Interactive Video

Penn State University anthropologist Dr. Nina Jablonski explains how different shades of skin color arose as adaptations to the intensity of ultraviolet radiation in different parts of the world.