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1.  Female Empowerment Model

Focusing on empowering women in leadership roles including social relationships to promote gender roles and empowerment.

2.  Male Mentorship and Empowerment

Providing seminars, conversations, and mentorship opportunities to empower males and encourage them to support women’s empowerment, Why, and the benefits

3.  Civic Leadership Exploration

Exploring the essence of civic responsibility & leadership, its significance, and why it is crucial for building strong and inclusive communities.

4. The Freedom Remedy Initiative

Sharing strategies on how and why to implement the Freedom Remedy, a program designed to promote freedom in gender roles, social relationships, equality, and empowerment for all individuals.

5.  Certified Ambassadors

We seek to train citizens and employees as ambassadors and equip them with the Freedom Remedy to provide superior service to all citizens and visitors of College Park. To promote and educate people on commerce, local venues, special events, and the benefits of residing in the city.

Including, promoting racial unity in the City where businesses, families, and individuals can work, play, and thrive in a safe environment together.

6.  PAC Pedicab Ambassador Program For College Park

Pedicab Ambassador Program for College Park (PAC) is one of our programs to foster Unity in College Park and to promote the merchant’s services and other amenities in the City of College Park.

7. Love Of Humanity-One Race Campaign

Build awareness and support of United Action For Advancement of Humanity’s mission and purpose; bring people together to take active action together for unity to create a Human Culture Community.

Promotion & Membership Program

Build Awareness of United Action For Advancement of Humanity’s mission and purpose; to bring people together to take active action for unity as one race, to create a national membership roster and a financial base for UAFAH programs and service to empower people to thrive together.

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