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The Freedom Remedy is a systematic method of the application and utilization of the Psycho-Social Science of Humaculture, created by Dr. Nkosi K. M. Ajanaku. Founder and Basic Research Scientist at Future America Basic Research Institute.

The systematic method developed by Dr. Chisulo Akono Ajanaku is a way of utilizing the research in a process that encourages and assists individuals to discover and reveal internal impediments; beliefs, practices, and actions that are limiting, hurtful, or harmful to self and others. Including assisting individuals in reducing fear, ignorance, hate, and habits that contribute to poverty.

Also, applying the systematic processes of the Freedom Remedy encourages the construction of new beliefs, actions, and practices that empower the individual towards active action for the unity of humanity, racial justice, civic participation, wealth creation, reverence, acceptance of self & all humanity, and to obtain Human Excellence.